Who doesn’t love a beautiful sky with clouds. I’m telling you, it’s one of the most relaxing thing to do in procreate with my brushes. I also used the brush stylus from @theatmospheria. What’s something relaxing that you like to paint??
Here's your free September palette! I looked at a lot of fall themed photos to come up with this color story. Use these colors or even change them a bit to create a fall themed piece and tag me! I'd love to see what you do with these colors.
I really feel is needs a permanent place on my feed. As I said in my reel of this piece, how long are we going to wait until we start protecting children online? Once someone important goes missing? Or gets hurt? I really wish family vloggers would stop putting all their children’s personal info and moments online. Just stop. If you want to deep dive into this topic check out @thedadchallengepodcast
I HAVE to post the final!!! I am so thankful. Y'all just don't even realize. This helps my small business more than anyone will ever know. I have worked really hard to reach this goal in 2021. From people sharing my art and brushes to others liking, commenting or saving... I hope you know I appreciate everyone of you. I have wrote almost every single person back in comments and in messages and I will continue to answer questions and comment ppl back. I'm all about COMMUNITY! That's what really matters. Thanks again. All my love
🚨SWIPE to see the piece I did in 2017, of this exact quote. I’m posting this to show that we all start somewhere. You’re not going to be where you want to be, when you first start! PRACTICE is how I got better and figured out my own style. I just kept trying different ways of lettering and now I barely think about it. It didn’t just happen over night. I say all this to let you know not to give up! Let’s share our art pieces when we first started and our pieces now! Give everyone some motivation to keep practicing!
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