Here’s the finished piece of today’s reel 🥰 l have been thinking about making an abstract watercolor pack. Does this peak anyone’s interest? Let’s me know!
Now this took a little minute to figure out on procreate. I followed a tutorial by @letsgomakeart. I've said this before and I'll say it again... It feels good to just let go and not worry about composition, and just paint! Please check them out!
Enjoy this little process video that I did at 3am after I got off work. I needed to not really think and just do. And honestly @letsgomakeart is perfect for that! You can follow along with Sarah as she shows you how to make a watercolor piece. It's very relaxing and y'all should check her out 😉
This is now the background to my iPad and my watch. Would anyone be interested to have this for their watch? I can make it available for free on @facer_io app for Apple watch and wear os if anyone is interested. Anyway, I am always so drawn to abstract art. It feels so good to just let go and go wherever your hand is taking you ☺️
One of the most important things to remember with my watercolor brushes or lettering in general is to go SLOW! As far as the procreate app- it is telling your brushes to do so many things at once, so going fast may mess up how the brushes are supposed to look. You can see in my previous video (on my feed), most of the video I am doing real time lettering. I only sped up the video to fit it into a reel 😊 So my mini tip today is- Slow and steady wins the race!
Its ok to outgrow those who prevent us from growing. Don't let anyone hold you back, put you down or take your joy away. I can't tell you how many people I've had to let go of because they actually wanted me to fail. It's sad that the people you think are your friends are the ones who will stab you in the back just to get ahead. I am 33 and sometimes too nice for my own good but I will distance myself from toxic people when I need to. I'm so glad I have made some true friends in the art community 💖